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Facts and numbers

A statistics reveals that unintentional child injuries and 60% of child deaths happen in and around home.

90% of unintentional child injuries and child deaths can be avoided if we proof our home and make it safe for kids.

Every year the number of child injuries which happen at home is only growing.

Every 16 minutes a child is getting killed in the US at home due to a fatal injury.

More than 11 million parents take their kids to the pediatrician every year due to injuries attained at home.

About 2.5 million children are injured or killed by hazards at the home.

A home injury is a cause of hospitalization for children under age 5.

Around 9 million children get treated at emergency care due to injuries they sustained at home.

The most dangerous places for kids at home


Bathroom may be a very dangerous place for kids when left unattended on a wet floor or when kids are taking a bath. Never leave you child alone in a bath


Doors can be another source of injuries like smashed fingers. It is very important to have safety stoppers preventing the doors from closing.


Sharp table corners are another reason why kids get injured. They can hit their heads of the table corner which can be avoided by attaching a safety guards.


Power outlets can severely injure or even kill your baby. It is extremely important that you have safety covers on all of the outlets in the house.

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